Author and devoted lover of words...

Journaling is not only a personal passion of mine but after an automobile accident several years ago it became a coping mechanism that turned into a lifestyle that I practice to this day. As a lover of words and passionate writer journaling is a creative outlet and act of self-care for me personally. I will be sharing some of my favorite prompts very soon. 

Journaling is not just another word for 'dear diary'. Journaling can be a personal outlet, but it can also be for lists, goals, tracking career success and more. Journal lists are a great way to prioritize goals and create steps toward accomplishing them! 

I am also a huge fan of the art of letter writing. I have organized several writing activities including connecting seniors with college students through letter writing in pen-pal format.

Dear Rudeness letter can be found here. I started the 'Dear...' letters as a creative outlet and welcome feedback and sharing tips! 

I will also be sharing more about the love of the written word and letter writing formats.

Join the Success Encourager's Journal Club and share your joy for journaling and letter writing while following along for prompts and tips. More information about thejournal club post is her e 

Teachers or small groups - I'd be honored to be invited to speak to your students or group about my love of letter writing, the importance of letter writing and share tips on writing. My presentation includes a letter writing exercise! If a presentation is not possible and you are interested in the guidelines I used during my many letter writing programs, I'd be happy to share those for free! Email me at .

When was the last time you thanked someone or hand wrote a note and dropped it in the mail?

I'd love to hear more about it! Email me at