Workshop 1 - Summary: Topic ideas to expand your writing experience and boost creativity. Are you just looking for ways to gain experience or a seasoned writer looking for ways to explore other areas of interest? I suggest writing at least 500 to 1,000 words about one or all of the topic ideas below. Post the writings on your blog or website to show your writing skills. These will serve as samples when responding to writing request/gigs/assignments or at the very least, provide writing inspiration and practice. When comfortable, submit to magazines (more information is posted under the Publisher Guidelines & Links tab), newspapers, guest blogging opportunities, and other sites accepting new author submissions.

  • Destination Review - Review your favorite road trip destination, park, campground, hiking spot, lake, etc. Provide location details, link to more information, why you like it, best time to visit, target audience (families, etc.). Include any negative aspects as well (limited hours, far from restrooms or convenience stops, under renovation, etc.). Write with honesty and include a personal experience or favorite visit you experienced. Once the review is complete (edits, grammar checked, etc.) post to your blog or site. Research the location and post your experience if that option is available. Research local travel community web sites, etc. and include any links to your posts on your own site to show your navigation and experience/research skills. ENJOY and have fun with it!

  • Short Fiction - Create three character descriptions at least 250 words each. Describe physical characteristics, full names, hobbies, profession or how they spend their day, include a dream they hope to achieve and a secret they keep. Can you create a 2500 word short story that intertwines the three characters? Post under a 'creative fiction' tab on your site or blog.

Workshop 2 - The Writer's Resume (I can assist writers or other professionals with resume creating! Email me...I'm happy to help)

Summary: Every writer needs a resume! Even if you are just beginning. A resume is not only for possible publication opportunities, but also for you to realize the skills you have and accomplishments you have already made; you don't have to be published to have skills or accomplishments! If you have a desire to write you most likely have content for a writing resume; attended conferences, earned certificates, volunteered your writing skills to newsletters, articles, etc., written articles or short stories, written professional letters for your day job, written web content, freelance work, etc. This workshop will provide examples of resumes, experience to highlight, help you find your skills to highlight, etc.

The Workshop page - Here you will find writing and professional tips, mini workshops, and examples. Over the past several years I have published short stories, attended writing courses and workshops, written creative and business blog posts and projects and look forward to sharing my experience!

I have a true passion for creative writing. I hope the 'Workshops' provide some inspiration for all who read. One day I hope to teach this and other topics in person with lots of resources and inspiration! Please email me and share feedback!

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