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Writing Tips and Resources!

Sites I've found useful, educational or just plain fun! If you have any additional sites you’d like me to consider posting just let me know! I am not responsible for information within sites, please view and research carefully. I simply have liked a part of each site and wanted to pass it along.

Writing Resources
Agent / Writing / Publication resources  -

  This is a great guide to careers for English majors from Maryville University (no affiliation). If you’re wondering what you can do with an English degree, there are many possible career paths that offer a growing number of job opportunities, this guide lists several options! (thank you to the student that discovered this resource and reached out to me!)

 https://hostingfacts.com/website-builders/The guide is a very in depth review of the 10 most popular website builders of 2019. Especially those who need an online platform to showcase and market their incredible work, but don't have a massive budget to get it built professionally (all are beginner friendly).

agentquery.com/ (agent info and query samples, etc. lots of resources) owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/1/www.writersdigestshop.com/query-letterhttps://www.foliojr.com/ - Children's book authors and artists reps

​Wonderful writing & professional conferences
https://www.awpwriter.org/wcc/directory_conferences_centers - Directory of conferences

University programs -

Indie Writer resources

A GREAT example of an author’s web site/blog

Book lover/review sites
www.booksneeze.com/ (I have not had much experience with this site, worth looking at)

Sites I enjoy reading and find inspirational / educational

www.mjrose.com/content/events.asp - Author M.J. Rose offers an opportunity to Skype with your book club! How amazing is that?!
susanmallery.com/about-susan.php - She offers a lot of great tips no matter what your genre (she is mainly romance), but I learned some great tips from the article!

​A really cool recipe site from a very inspiring person (Just found this today, but loving it and can’t wait to try the Gluten Free PB chocolate brownies, mmmmmm)

Magazine/publisher guidelines

Below you will find links I have discovered for magazines and publishers actively seeking submissions; paid and unpaid opportunities. I have searched through resources and eliminated outdated material while trying to find topics to fit most writing styles (I am not endorsing any particular topic or publication though). 
At the time of my post the link is active and accepting, I will do my best to keep this active and updated. If you notice a link is broken or if you have information about the magazine you would like to share please email me! Remember markets can be competitive so read guidelines carefully and familiarize yourself with the publication, target audience, content, etc. If you have any questions I am happy to answer just sent me an email! :)  Enjoy and good writing to you!!

December, 2017

Stampington has a variety of magazines and projects. They accept stories, how-to, and photographs. A snippet from their site for one of their publications - 

At Bella Grace, we believe that:
Every cloud has a silver lining.
An ordinary life can be an extraordinary life.
There is beauty and magic to be found everywhere.
It's OK to embrace imperfection.
Life should be lived with a full heart and open eyes.

Glimmer Train Press, Inc. guidelines here – (additional information copied from their site)  “Welcome new writers, and are happy to consider any original short story (no novels, poetry, or stories written for children, please) that has not appeared in a print publication. One of our greatest pleasures is being the first to publish a great story by an emerging voice.”  Check the site for topics and deadlines

October, 2017
Hippocampus Magazine Guidelines here . From website - We enthusiastically accept unsolicited, previously unpublished submissions in the following categories:

memoir excerpt – a self-contained portion (chapter or selection) of a larger, book-length work – 4,000 words max
personal essay – a short narrative reflecting on a particular life experience or observation – 4,000 words max
flash creative nonfiction – 800 words max
For our small press submission guidelines, visit our Books page
Our articles section (review, interviews, etc.) is by assignment only

Please read current and past issues to familiarize yourself with our publication. We can tell you this: we like quirky, we like edgy, we like witty, we like smart, we like diverse voices. We like pieces that take us to new places, we like to be moved, and, most of all, we like pieces that stick with us.

​Clarkesworld Magazine Guidelines here - From the website - is a Hugo, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, articles and audio fiction. Issues are published monthly and available on our website, for purchase in ebook format, and via electronic subscription. All original fiction is also published in our trade paperback series from Wyrm Publishing. We are currently open for art, non-fiction and short story submissions.​

Stories must be:
Well-written. Language is important. There is no distinction between "style" and "substance" or "story" and "writing."
Convenient for on-screen reading. Very long paragraphs or typographical trickery may work against you.
Suitable for audio. Stories should be equally effective, but not necessarily the same, in text and audio formats

​​September, 2017
Solstice Literary Magazine. Guidelines here.  From website - Welcomes experimental or traditional pieces of fiction, nonfiction or poetry, and also photography. Nonfiction for us includes the essay as well as memoir.  We also consider excerpts from novels or nonfiction books, especially if the piece can stand alone. Controversial topics are fine with us. We would be most pleased to publish your piece. But we do have high standards. All pieces will go to readers, then to the appropriate editor, then to the editorial board. No one editor’s taste will determine which piece is accepted but rather a consensus will be reached. SOLSTICE is a tri-quarterly magazine. We hope to respond to your submission within approximately two to four months.  Sometimes it takes us a little longer, depending on when the last issue was published.  We accept only online submissions for our online journal.

The Saturday Evening Post. Guidelines here. Accepts submissions for Non-Fiction, Fiction, Lighter Side, Cartoons and
Post-Its Jokes.  From website - Our goal is to remain unique, with content that provides additional perspective on the ever-evolving American scene. Before sending us a manuscript or query, look through recent issues of the Post to get an idea of the range and style of articles we publish.

The Matador Review. Guidelines here. From the website - The Matador Review is an online literature and art quarterly. We publish four issues annually: the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues. We invite all unpublished literature written in the English language (and translations that are accompanied by the original text) as well as many forms of visual art. Currently accepting work for our fourth issue, the Spring 2017 publication. The call for submissions will end on February 28.

August 2017
Potluck Magazine. Guidelines here. From the website - We seek any and all types of submissions—poetry, prose, criticism, nonfiction, visual art, short films, songs, photographs. If it’s submittable, submit it!  Note: We are currently accepting online submissions only. We have no immediate plans for another print edition of Potluck.

Boulevard Magazine. Guidelines here. From the website - Boulevard strives to publish only the finest in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. While we frequently publish writers with previous credits, we are very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. If you have practiced your craft and your work is the best it can be, send it to Boulevard. Accepting submissions from October 1 to May 1. There is a $3 fee to submit online. There is no fee to submit by post.

Mother Jones magazine. Guidelines here. From the website - While much of our content comes from staff writers and freelancers with whom we've had long-standing relationships, Mother Jones magazine and MotherJones.com will consider solidly reported, hard-hitting, groundbreaking news stories. We're also open to thought-provoking, timely opinion and analysis pieces on important current issues.  We're interested in just about anything that will raise our readers' eyebrows, but we focus especially on these areas: national politics, environmental issues, corporate wrongdoing, human rights, and political influence in all spheres.Our readership is nationwide, so please, no local issues unless they have national interest or implications.

June, 2017
Orion Magazine Open submissions from June 15 – July 1, 2016—visit this page for details, updates and possible future acceptance dates.  Guidelines here. From website - The editorial impulse of Orion lies at the nexus of ecology and the human experience. The magazine distinguishes itself from the din of common culture through its depth of inquiry, commitment to interdisciplinary thought, and an emphasis on insight and imagination alongside a big-picture approach to problem-solving. We appreciate the opportunity to consider unsolicited essays, narrative nonfiction, journalistic dispatches, and short fiction that are resonant with Orion’s focus on nature, culture, and place. No unsolicited poetry, book reviews, or pitches, please. Our feature pieces typically range from 1,200 words to 5,000 words (please no submissions over 5,000 words), while shorter work (400 – 1,000 words) appears in our front and back-of-book departments. We kindly ask that you read a few issues of Orion before approaching us with manuscripts and queries.

Skirt! Magazine - Guidelines here. From Website - Skirt! is part feminista part fashionista our mission is to publish a monthly magazine that speaks to all sides of a women’s personality - their work, their play, their families and their creativity, through one of kind content and effective advertising.

Payment for essays is $200. We reserve the right to edit articles for length and content. Format: Send your manuscript via e-mail to submissions@skirt.com (preferably as RICH TEXT FORMAT, or .RTF, attachment or Word doc). Bio: Include a brief (2-sentence) bio at the end of your manuscript. Deadlines: We read submissions year-round. The submission deadline for each issue is the 1st of each month for the following month.

Shine Brightly Magazine - Guidelines here. From website - SHINE brightly is a magazine for girls ages 9 to 14 published by GEMS Girls’ Clubs (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), an international ministry that starts Bible-based club programs in churches and Christian organizations. The goal of GEMS is to help bring girls everywhere into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. The SHINE brightly Challenge Topic: Body Image We’re looking for fiction, non-fiction, inspiring biographies, activities, and sidebars that weave the topic of body image and self-esteem into each issue. This is a tough topic, but creating a positive body image and talking about the effects of having a negative one are a very important focus for this age.  For a month-to-month schedule of how the specific girls themes will be featured, check out the deadlines below. 

Good Old Days Magazine - Guidelines here . From website - Good Old Days magazine is the magazine that remembers the best of times. Feature stories and photos of the good old days of 1930 through 1960 are all contributed by readers. This easy-to-read collection of memories will fascinate the young and the old alike.

March, 2017
*82 Review - guidelines here. From site - While there is no monetary payment, a discounted, prepublication rate will be available to contributors. This quarterly magazine, published mid- March/June/September/December, is always available online for free. Star 82 Review especially looks for humanity, humility and humor. We like subtle, slightly gentle, slightly edgy works that don't just self-express, but that do communicate. Before you submit, please browse the online magazine to get an idea of the subject matter and styles we like. Star 82 Review is an art and literature, online and print magazine that highlights words and images in gemlike forms. Each issue features flash fiction, creative nonfiction, erasure texts, narrative art, postcard lit and poetic storytelling featuring subtle humor, humility and humanity, the strange and the familiar, and a home for the displaced person. 

Black Rose Writing - Guidelines here. From site - Currently ACCEPTING children’s books with full illustrations only and all fiction and non-fiction. Please send query letter prior to sending any completed manuscript. (Query letter should be in the email text area, with synopsis for proposed book and author bio, and include the word count.) Remember... Always Spellcheck! Nothing insults a publisher more than multiple misspelled words in your query or author bio.

Harper's Magazine - Submission details and address info here. From site - Writers wishing to submit nonfiction to Harper’s Magazine are invited to send queries to the address on the site, accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The magazine will neither consider nor return unsolicited nonfiction manuscripts. Harper’s will consider unsolicited fiction. Unsolicited poetry will not be considered or returned. Harper’s Magazine, the oldest general-interest monthly in America, explores the issues that drive our national conversation, through long-form narrative journalism and essays, and such celebrated features as the iconic Harper’s Index. With its emphasis on fine writing and original thought Harper’s provides readers with a unique perspective on politics, society, the environment, and culture.

Harlequin Romance - MANY opportunities and various guidelines for agent and un-agented submissions! More info on guidelines, resources and more here. From site - As the world's most prolific and recognized name in romance and women's fiction, Harlequin is actively looking for new works for all of its imprints. We are always on the lookout for talented writers—from established authors to those just starting their writing careers. Get to know our various imprints and editorial lines to find out where you might fit into Harlequin's extensive publishing program. Here is a brief overview of the imprints for which Harlequin is actively acquiring. We accept un-agented submissions for Harlequin Series (sometimes known as "Category Romance") books, as well as for Carina Press. If you think your writing fits another one of our imprints, you will need to submit through an agent.

December, 2016
U.S. Kids (Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill) - Guidelines for each magazine and payment info here. From site - Various opportunities, but as part of the Children’s Better Health Institute, we are always in need of high-quality stories, articles, and activities with a broad health and fitness focus. Please keep in mind that we would rather show kids living a healthy lifestyle than dictate a healthy lifestyle to our readers. In other words, health topics should be incorporated into the story or article, not be the focus of it.

Charisma Magazine - Guidelines and address here. From site - Charisma’s tagline is “Life in the Spirit.” Each month more than 600,000 readers turn to the magazine for inspiration, information and instruction. Each year, freelancers write 80 percent of our articles, but we assign most of these to writers who have established themselves with us. In most cases, we only give article assignments to writers with published clips.  Charisma does not accept or reply to unsolicited manuscripts. Writers may send query letters or query e-mails that briefly describe and outline a proposed article. All Charisma articles, with the exception of the shorter stories (specified below), should be between 1,800 and 2,500 words in length.

November, 2016
Bark magazine guidelines here – (additional information copied from their site)  “The Bark, which is enjoyed by 250,000 readers, is a magazine about life with dogs; we pay homage to the age-old relationship between our two species.” They have a web only option and print submission process.

The Sun magazine guidelines here – (additional information copied from their site)  “We publish essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry. We tend to favor personal writing, but we’re also looking for provocative pieces on political and cultural issues.” Also, offers a monthly section called “Readers Write” information found here.  “The ‘Readers Write’ section asks readers to address subjects on which they're the only authorities. Topics are intentionally broad in order to give room for expression. Writing style isn't as important as thoughtfulness and sincerity.” Upcoming topics include ‘making ends meet’, ‘saying no’, ‘flying’, and ‘being single’.

October, 2016
Christianity Today magazine guidelines here – (additional information copied from their site)  “Mission is - Equipping Christians to renew their minds, serve the church, and create culture to the glory of God.”

Cricket Magazine Group guidelines here – (additional information copied from their site)  “We seek to publish the finest quality writing and illustration for children of all ages.”  The guideline page is for all the group’s magazines focusing on children 6 months to 14+.