Encourager, author, daydreamer, knowledge seeker, creator, presenter...

Welcome Everyone! 

I enjoy blending my career knowledge & passion for writing and sharing it with others! I find joy in helping others set goals to express self-love and practice self-care and creating one-of-a-kind unique gifts that help me accomplish that joy goal! 

What am I up to?

  • One of my creative outlets is rediscovering the joy my vintage typewriter brings and typing my favorite quotes (or creating them) with wax seals added! 
  • Another creative outlet is browsing my favorite thrift shops for pretty book covers and finding matching beverage cups! You can find my read and sip discoveries on Instagram  @thrift_read_sip_repeat 
  • I'm also editing my BIPs (Business Idea Prompts) and working on putting all of that information into an ebook!!
  • Also in the works is putting together all of my self-care tips and ideas in one place and journal form. Adding a bit of my own experience and why journaling is so important to me (to remind me to not forget)....more coming soon! 
  • I am in current edit mode for a few of my books. Including -Assist Yourself - based on my professional and personal experiences with an emphasis on action plans, goal-setting, career, communication, and other fundamental skills (and more!), three fiction stories, including a teleplay, and children's stories. 

​Please visit my success encourager blog to discover goal-setting tips, processes, encouraging self-care posts, career articles, resume FAQs, and so much more!

Find me (@successencourager) on Instagram for daily encouraging quotes!