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Welcome Everyone! 

 My focus includes blending together my career knowledge & sharing it with others, helping others set and accomplish goals and incorporating my love of writing in all I do.

My current writing projects include two children's stories, small group presentations, goal-setting practices, small business idea assistance and encouraging career posts!

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  • Stuck on an idea or have some questions?
  • Looking for an enthusiastic audience-focused presentation speaker?

Email me! I'd be happy to share my career knowledge, help you talk through an idea or present a creative inspiring talk  to your small group or conference attendees!! 

Please visit my success encourager blog to discover resume & interviewing tips, goal-setting process, small business ideas, how to write a personal mission statement, encouraging posts, career articles and more!

  • Read some amazing articles by Joan Burge on the Office Dynamics blog...and you can find a post or two written by me...a guest blogger! 

  • Thank you to all of those that reached out for the May giveaway!! Future giveaway announcement coming soon!  Hint: The topic will be BIP  related! Interested in turning a hobby into a possible income opportunity or start a small business? You'll want to check back soon for more details!

  • Just announced! - Just for some createive fun - You're invited to join the success encourager's journal club! Just a fun way to share the joy of journaling and letter writing along with prompts and tips.