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Welcome Everyone!

My focus is the perfect blend of sharing my career knowledge and passion for helping others succeed mixed with my passion for writing. My current writing projects include two children's stories and encouraging career posts!

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April giveaway - It's mid-April, let's celebrate! I’m offering a FREE goal pitch session to the first five people to contact me that are interested in creating a goal pitch and a beginner’s action plan. We will work through several questions via email and once a short goal pitch is created we will work on a basic starter action plan. Email me if interested!  

Stuck on an idea or have some questions? Looking for a presentation speaker? Email me! I'd be happy to share my career knowledge, help you talk through an idea or present a creative inspiring talk to your small group or conference attendees!!

I enjoy helping others discover key steps for their career focus/job search/self-employment exploration by creating a resume from scratch, editing an existing resume, focusing on a particular type of job search, discovering business ideas and the action needed to succeed (whether as a side hustle or business startup) and I love sharing interviewing tips!

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Read some amazing articles by Joan Burge on the Office Dynamics blog...and you can find a few posts written by me...a guest blogger with them! 

This site is growing and I'm thankful and excited about the opportunities developing!