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This journal encourages self-care, empowerment through goal-setting & the awareness of where you want your life to lead, how you want your future to be & flourish in a unique way that only you can!

I enjoy blending together my career knowledge & passion for writing and sharing it with others! Joy is found in helping others set and accomplish goals while incorporating my love of writing in all I do. I'm excited to announce that my simplicty goal focused journal is now complete & available in small batch printing!!! My excitement about seeing a completed goal in print form is beyond measure and my gratitude to all of those encouraging me and supporting me extends to all visiting my sites! The planner is a perfect simple way to focus on your goals and recap your week, stay motivated and adjust the planner to your personal style. Coming soon - the Enrichment Version of 'A Year in the Life of...'!! 

I've been working on an enrichment version of my 'A Year in the Life of...' - I will be making an exciting announcement soon! 

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