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I enjoy blending together my career knowledge & passion for writing and sharing it with others! Joy is found in helping others set and accomplish goals while incorporating my love of writing in all I do. I'm excited to announce that my new Enrichment Planner   is available in small batch printing!!! My excitement about seeing a completed goal in print form is beyond measure and my gratitude to all of those encouraging me and supporting me extends to those near and far that have been visiting my sites! The planner is a perfectly simple way to focus on your goals, recap your week, stay motivated, and adjust the planner to your personal style.  

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  • Are you looking for an enthusiastic audience-focused presentation budget-friendly speaker? Video option available!! 
    • High School topics include career-portfolios, post-graduation direction options, Q & A, etiquette, and real-world discussion workshops/presentations with Missouri Learning Standards focus
    • Highs School personalized one-on-one meetings to discuss student's unique goals, focus, questions, and more available
    • Pre-High School student presentations available also
    • Career skills, communication, career goals, and other topics for workplace professional development workshops
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Then go ahead, pleaseEmail me! I'd be happy (and excited) to share my career knowledge, help you talk through an idea or present a creative goal-focused (action planning) talk to your professional group, students, or gathering of friends and family!!

Please Contact me - successencourager@gmail.com so we can discuss your personalized options.

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  • I am in current edit mode for my new book - Assist Yourself - based on my professional and personal experiences with an emphasis on action plans, goal-setting, career, communication and other fundamental skills (and more!)
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Now available!!

A Year in the Life of...EnrichmentPlanner


Click the Lulu button above to order my new A Year in the Life of...Enrichment Planner. This new version encourages enrichment in the various areas of life.

No matter where you are in your journey every day is an opportunity to accomplish at least one step toward creating your future and focusing on self-care. 

This unique version of A Year in the Life of… will help you organize each day to include goal-focused steps and discover the area(s) of your unique life to enrich this year.  

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