Personalized e-Goal Seals are now available!

What is a goal seal? It is a personalized electronic 'badge' created personally for you with your current goal focus or mantra. Seals encourage accountability, action plan steps, focus and as a reminder to celebrate your goal progress! 

  • You can print your unique badge and display it for daily motivation
  • Share via your favorite social media site
  • Even use it on email signatures or as your personal logo
  • Share your badge or simply use it for your own personal motivation
  • Goal seals make unique special gifts! 
  • Introductory price of just $5 each. Final unique badge sent to you via email - JPG format (easy to download and use a variety of ways!). Typical layout is best for Instagram, but let me know if you would like a different format.
  • Click the button below to order
    • Send me your email address, goal focus or mantra, a brief 'why you are currently focused on that goal or utilizing your mantra. Simple as that! 

Goal seal via email JPG format
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"A Year in the Life of...Enrichmentplanner. Goal-setting guide and encourager of goal progress celebrating - Now available!!!

Makes a great gift for yourself or loved ones! 

Sorry - United States shipping only (hope to add additional options very soon)