​​​A Year in the Life of...

The goal-setting journal planner is now available! Click on the link above to order. Once ordered please reach out to me and tell me what your current goal focus is! There are now two versions of this unique planner. Order the newest Enrichment version here

This unique simple journal planner will help guide you on your daily journey during this ‘year in the life of…’ The word ‘of’ can simply be followed up by your name or by what you are focused on being this year.

With this goal-focused journal guide, you can celebrate accomplishments, easily create action steps, stay focused & motivated and even reach beyond your comfort zone & try new things while journaling your thoughts and action plan details. It's simply published with lots of encouragement to personalize it to fit your unique journey.

This journal planner encourages self-care, empowerment & awareness of where you want your life to lead, how you want your future to be & flourish in a unique way that only you can! 

Also available - A Year in the Life of...Enrichment Version. This version will encourage professional and personal enrichment with self-paced (self-developed) tips and resources. A great companion for conferences, workshops, training, enrichment for professional and personal development, and more! 

More about me professionally - I can help develop communications plans, handbooks, professional development topics, evaluation outlines, and more. I have dedicated time and additional research to hone in on my presentation skills and learn more about the education system including Missouri Learning Standards.

​​For additional services and resume tips, career articles, and interviewing tips, please visit my success encourager blog.

My Experience - 

Over the past 23 plus years, while working as a professional assistant and coordinator, I have published career and creative articles, product descriptions, professional business writing, provided resume and editing services, been an active interview committee member, volunteered my writing skills to the Girl Scout magazine & award bio descriptions, staff senate chair, written 'one-liners' for a restaurant app, and presented motivational and professional development topics to students and employees.

I have also written dozens of short stories (published a few too!), and outlined and drafted novels, children's stories, scripts, and other fiction. I enjoy researching professionally and adding my unique creativity to various writing requests!

I have attended writing conferences, and professional conferences, completed writing and business courses, read numerous books and articles about the education system, writing, and business, subscribed to countless newsletters and blogs, and talked with other authors, educators, students, and business owners.

I enjoy working with businesses and individuals helping them succeed and connect.  Contact me for additional information. 

Encourager, author, daydreamer, knowledge seeker, creator, presenter...