Encourager, author, daydreamer, knowledge seeker, presenter...

About Dana -  


With my blend of administrative assistant/coordinator and writing experience, I offer a unique and professional perspective to any project! I am an assistant by day and enjoy diving into magical worlds while I write children's stories in the evenings! I'm excited to announce that my goal focused journal planner is now complete & available in small batch printing!!! My excitement about seeing a completed goal in print form is beyond measure and my gratitude to all of those encouraging me and supporting me extends to all visiting my sites! 

I'm currently available for public speaking events! Interested in inviting me to encourage your group by sharing my experience and offering professional and personal development tips and goal setting action plans? Interested in inviting me to speak to your book club or class about letter writing and journaling? Contact me at successencourager@gmail.com !

For additional services and resume tips, career articles, and interviewing tips, please visit my success encourager blog.


Over the past 23 plus years, while working as a professional assistant and coordinator (my day job!), I have published career and creative articles, product descriptions, professional business writing, provided resume and editing services, interview committee member, volunteered my writing skills to the Girl Scout magazine, staff senate chair, written 'one-liners' for a restaurant app, and presented motivational and professional development topics. I have also written dozens of short stories (published a few too!), outlined and drafted novels, children's' stories, scripts and other fiction. I enjoy researching professionally and adding my unique creativity to various writing requests!

I have attended writing conferences, professional conferences, completed writing and business courses, read numerous books and articles about writing and business, subscribed to countless newsletters and blogs, talked with other authors! Even after 25 plus years of filling notebooks with my words, and learning from others, I know I will continue seeking and learning.   

What's new?

  • I have been invited to be a guest blogger with Office Dynamics!!! I'm so excited about this opportunity!

  • Now Available- the Enrichment version of 'A Year in the Life of...'

  • I'm finishing my second draft of four children's stories, learning Adobe illustrator, loving Adobe Spark, blogging, being inspired and creative as often as possible, editing Purified Revenge and baking as often as I can!

  • Planning our tiny home build and exploring weekend van life!

Additional Facts

I have a surplus of ideas floating around in my head on any given day. I know my knack for adding pure emotion to my own writing is a gift from God.

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, sister to the best sister ever, aunt to the most amazing nephew, daughter of a muse, lover of coffee, thrift stores, The Twilight Zone, and books. I am inspired by those living their dream even if their primary focus is on daily tasks and commitments...they still find time for their dreams.