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This is one of many success tips I'd like to share with you (and a topic example I can  share with your small group and work through a group or individual exercises!)

Even if you work full-time and average 8 hours of sleep each night you have about 6 hours each day to dedicate to your goals and passions. With proper planning you can fit in responsibilities, self-care, and a goal action plan. 

First, I want to share my categories that help me stay focused when planning my day. I ‘assign’ a category to goals and certain parts of my daily schedule to keep me focused. All four categories are intertwined, so they can and should overlap, but separating them out helps me focus (which is what I personally need!)

My nourishment categories:

Well-being – Mental and physical health; stretching, walking, meditation, conscious eating, plenty of water. Ask yourself – What are my health goals, what are my limits?

Spirit – Self-care, gratitude journaling, positive affirmations, create, hobbies. Ask yourself – What brings joy and peace? What nourishes me?

Circle – Mutual relationships that allow you to give and receive support; family, friends, work friendships, recovery groups, clubs or hobby groups. Ask yourself – Who balances with me? Who supports me and invites my support?

Productivity – Daily routine; work, volunteering, care giver, budgeting, learning. Ask yourself – What is my current daily schedule (define it). What do I want my future schedule or routine to look like and consist of?

Once your categories are defined you can create goals and set an action plan. Seeing your schedule written out helps not only see how time is spent, but also provides accountability opportunities. You are the only one you need to be accountable to. This is your life, your future and remember your passion is worth your time!

​Answering the category questions you can create a goal pitch and action plan. 

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