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Tips and Resources!

Sites I've found useful, educational or just plain fun! If you have any additional sites you’d like me to consider posting just let me know! I am not responsible for information within sites, please view and research carefully. I simply have liked a part of each site and wanted to pass it along.

Writing Resources
Agent / Writing / Publication resources  - (agent info and query samples, etc. lots of resources) - Children's book authors and artists reps

​Wonderful writing conference
- - Directory of conferences

University programs -

Indie Writer resources

A GREAT example of an author’s web site/blog

Book lover/review sites (I have not had much experience with this site, worth looking at)

Sites I enjoy reading and find inspirational / educational - Author M.J. Rose offers an opportunity to Skype with your book club! How amazing is that?! - She offers a lot of great tips no matter what your genre (she is mainly romance), but I learned some great tips from the article!

​A really cool recipe site from a very inspiring person (Just found this today, but loving it and can’t wait to try the Gluten Free PB chocolate brownies, mmmmmm)